AVITUS KIDNEY CARE AND DIALYSIS CENTER renal team is dedicated and working together to provide comprehensive, compassionate care. Our highly skilled team includes:

Patient Care Coordinator

Add on service for our dialysis patients, a Avitus Kidney Care and Dialysis Center Coordinator is available to assist you and your family members for all documentation, treatment options and billing, as well as to coordinate to the next available nurses in most effective and convenient care for you.


Our nephrologists are experts in the field with many serving as clinical faculty members for National Kidney and Transplant Institute. Their credentials are numerous and include distinctions including Fellow of Philippine Society of Nephrology (FPSN)

Vascular Surgical Team

Our surgeons are experienced in procedures for dialysis patients and specialize in minimally invasive techniques and provide non-invasive placement of temporary dialysis catheters and help to maintain the blood flow through the dialysis vascular access.

Dialysis Nurse

Our nurses are part of the larger specialty known as Nephrology Nurse, and they have an in-depth knowledge of kidney disease. They support, medicate, and monitor patients throughout dialysis as well as educate them on kidney disease and the lifestyle choices that help them to manage their disease.